The world of Sea-God has its birth from an entrepreneurial idea of Enzo Palazzolo, perfectionist and determined Italian who since the eighties has promoted the highly skilled art of watch making.
The story of the brand-name has its origin from a film of 1930 « The Sea God » (directed by George Abbott with Richard Arlen and Fay Way).

It was 1966 when Enzo, for the first time, saw the film with his father Antonino.

Several years later, when he was an experienced entrepreneur in the field of communication saw it again with his son Max. Together they decided to use the story to make relive the Brand Sea God, in the high art of watch making of immersion.

After a few years, Enzo Palazzolo leaves the field of communication to dedicate himself completely to the development of Montres Sea-God and moving to Switzerland, formed a group of workers that perfected the study and the design of the watch Sea-God, addressing it to the fans of luxury sport watches.

The brand Sea-God directly brings to mind the world of the sea by recalling one of the most traditional symbols, that of the trident scepter of the power of Poseidon, the divine God of the sea. Sea-God preserves the culture of the Swiss sector of watch-making, developing innovative products, from the unmistakable beauty of the Italian design. The watches Sea-God utilize working of great technical quality, precious metals and leathers of first choice. The natural rubber used is the result of many tests, research and experiments. Technique, aesthetics and valuable finishing, touches together with the Italian design, are the components that distinguish a watch full of history and emotion like a Sea-God!

The Italian design, technology and passion are the basis of modern watchmaking creations and inspire the implementation of products with mechanical tradition made by Sea-God. As all companies in the innovation and luxury world Sea-God also represents the Italian elegance, originality and at the same time offers a vision of the future respecting the honorable culture of the Swiss watch industry.

Combined with Italian design, the components that distinguish a product Sea-God are creation, refined technical, high quality finishing and aesthetic value, object versatile and suitable for the current generation and future lovers of sporting luxury.

The project took shape in June 2003 after an in depth concept study which lasted more than 6 years – experienced in close collaboration with a Swiss watch making company leader in the sector for half a century- it made its debut in 2010 with the presentation of its prototypes and right after that the introduction of patents, which are currently part of every Sea-God model.

In 2011 the first approach with Baselworld – The World Watch & Jewellery Show – to prepare the first presence in the Basel fair in 2012. Then in 2013 during the trade show the company stabilizes the distribution network to reach over 20 countries worldwide.

« It took over six years to develop and improve the concept of watches Sea-God. Dimension and precision, together with a clear identity design – superb – are the key features on which I worked for greater customization and a new dimension which measures and visualizes the passing time. « 


Italian design, technique – inspired by tradition – and contemporary aesthetics are the guidelines that lead the brand to the creation of successful products, demonstrating that high-end watches still calls for a considerable percentage of very high « craftsmanship », and it allows brands to be active and dynamic, as is happening to Sea-God. Sea-God brand, draws directly the world of the sea revisiting the most traditional symbols, the trident, sceptre of power of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

Sea-God models, except some Limited Edition, start from diving 200 meters diving, to continue ‘Abyss’ version of 1000 meters. On study a 48mm strong model named ‘Deep Abyss’ that will touch the depths to 5000 meters.


Sea-God is the fulfillment of a desire that combines Italian design with the sea and the related emotions.
The goal is to create watches with traditional mechanic and precious metals, related to sport, to the sea and with luxury style.

The main design requirements for watches Sea-God are:

• longevity, to allow the watch to be accurate even after decades
• maintainability, because the repairer must be able to maintain the watch with instruments, if necessary, not more advanced than those in used today
• transparency, the watch must be understandable without being removed or stopped, any functionality should be hidden
• impermeability, the watch must ensure a level of water resistance to withstand the pressure exerted by water at great depths
• scalability, to ensure that the watch is scalable it must be built with parts interchangeable with other models of the same size.

You surely might guarantee the life of a Sea-God watch for over 10 years, but without neglecting the limits. You can expect that with due care a Sea-God watch can maintain the correct time over a lifetime.