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A technological evolution model that characterises Sea-God watches, combining with traditional mechanical and innovation patent, super exclusive, introduce major changes in the evolution of the art of the watch.
Main patents that each Sea-God has are two:


The first improvement concerns the winding crown of the watch. Normally the winding crown is used to reset the watch and has the logo of the brand externally applied to the crown. This may involve some drawbacks including the dissection, in case of plastic materials of the logo, and the fact that it is not guaranteed perfectly vertical position of the mark when the crown is screwed at the stroke end against the case. To overcome these problems, Sea-God has patented a system of precision and high reliability, which allows the crown of the watch to stand in a vertical position each time it is unscrewed and used. This patent allows replacing with extreme ease the effigy in case of wear, thanks to the coupling bayonet between the disc-shaped element that supports the logo and the opening defined in the crown.


Another improvement concerns the ring; the same is usually coupled to the clock by pressing the chest and secured with an elastic band that holds the metal ring. In case of replacement you need to remove it from the case with a leveraging tool. This operation is very delicate and, if not done with precision, may damage or even break the watch components with scratches or nicks. For this Sea-God has deposited an exclusive patent that allows you to easily remove the ring for any type of surgery, without compromising the aesthetics of the watch. Case and dial are no longer coupled according to a pressure system, but thanks to screws inserted in the watchcase. Will be sufficient to unscrew the pair of screws and remove the ring nut with a simple movement of extraction, to proceed to the replacement of the work piece without risking damage to any component.