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Total Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your Sea-God watch, is possible within 7 days of receipt to request a replacement with an identical model or, in the case where an identical model is not available, we will provide a model with features and functionality similar with the benefit of the Sea-God Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

Any high-precision watch needs regular servicing to ensure that it functions perfectly. We indicate the frequency of the watch maintenance to be serviced every 2 years by an authorized Sea-God service center. Within 24 months from the date of purchase applies Sea-God Smooth Operation Warranty. This warranty does not apply to watches damaged or destroyed for reasons beyond the control or Sea-God responsibility or damaged or destroyed by the Customer and tampering by unauthorized Sea-God repairers. Sea-God smooth operation warranty applies only if Sea-God has approved the spare parts used. Sea-God reserves the right to void the warranty in case of situations in contrast to these indications. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by accidents or negligence.

If something happens with the watch - not loss or theft - in the first 2 years the customer has the opportunity to exchange the watch for a new watch paying 1/3 of the original suggested retail price acceding to Sea-God Vip Warranty at the moment of the purchase of the watch. For information please write to

If the watch has been constantly maintained in Smooth operation warranty is available the benefit of Sea-God Lifetime Warranty.
During the first two years a ‘full warranty’ only occurs in the case of malfunction or faulty product. In this case the repair and delivery cost is covered by Sea-God.
The service maintenance includes:
Overhall of all components of the movement - clearing, lubrification, adjustment, re-assembly and regulation, replacement of damaged parts or with high level of wear, replace seals and sealing restoration. Light polishing / case treatment.
The complete maintenance services, performed by Cinco em Ponto in Europe, Stoll&Co. in US, Sea-God SA in Switzerland enjoy a 2-year warranty.

Three hands service: 110 euro
GMT service: 145 euro
Delivery cost: 45 euro
The Sea-God Passport of your watch has been created to answer questions and to provide you information that will help you make sure your timepiece works optimally for as long as you wear it.

Our mission is the satisfaction of our customers!