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About Us

The entrepreneur is Enzo Palazzolo, Italian, perfectionist, determined, passionate about watches, as well as the creator of the brand and the design of the watch.

The history of the brand originates from the vision of 1930 movie, "The Sea God" (directed by George Abbott and Richard Arlen and Fay Way).
It was 1966 when Enzo saw the film, for the first time, with his father. He saw it again with his son after many years. He decided then to create a line of watches that could convey the same emotions he felt watching the movie, and he called this line of watches ‘Sea-God’.

The Brand Sea-God is an established name in high watchmaking for diving, and directly recalls the world of the sea.

The Sea-God watches mechanisms using high-quality technical and precious metals.
Technical, aesthetic and precious finishes, combined with Italian design, are the components that distinguish a watch full of history and excitement like a Sea-God!